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Duration: 6 Hours 22 Minutes
37 Course Videos
Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Database Design

This course focuses on skills necessary to architect well-performing databases in SQL Server. It covers the principles and the practical tools necessary to understand and create all of the objects you would need to have a complete database. This includes a discussion of tables, data integrity, and indexes. As well as basic programming, file storage, and full-text searching. One of the primary benefits of commercial-grade databases is the availability of indexes to speed lookups. You will learn the benefits and the requirements for generating useful indexes in both OLTP (transactional) and OLAP (reporting) databases. Another major benefit of business-focused RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) is the use of enforced relationships and constraints.

This course will cover all the standard techniques to maintain consistent quality data in your database using referential integrity and various types of automatic data validations. One way of increasing both security and performance in a database is using stored procedures, functions, and triggers. You will learn what each of these objects is and how to write the T-SQL code to generate them. We will also cover the use of SQL Management Studio to perform these various operations using visual tools where possible. At the end of the course, you should be able to create a highly functional business database.

Key Learning Topics In This Course:

  • Design and Implement Tables.
  • Ensure Data Integrity through Constraints.
  • Describe indexes, including Optimized and Columnstore indexes
  • Design and Implement Stored Procedures.
  • Design and Implement User Defined Functions.
  • Respond to data manipulation using triggers.
  • Store and Query Blobs and Text Documents.

Course Videos

This course contains the following modules and videos. Click the down arrow to view video details.

  •  1.1 Course Introduction
  •  1.2 Module 1 Introduction
  •  1.3 Introduction to Database Design
  •  1.4 Creating Tables
  •  1.5 Data Types
  •  1.6 Schemas
  •  1.7 Altering Tables
  •  2.1 Module 2 Introduction
  •  2.2 Introduction to Data Integrity
  •  2.3 Data Domain Integrity
  •  2.4 Implementing Data Domain Integrity
  •  2.5 Implementing Entity and Referential Integrity
  •  3.1 Module 3 Introduction
  •  3.2 Core Indexing Concepts
  •  3.3 Heaps, Clustered, and Nonclustered Indexes
  •  3.4 Data Types and Indexes
  •  3.5 Single Column and Composite Indexes
  •  4.1 Module 4 Introduction
  •  4.2 Introduction to Database Programming
  •  4.3 Creating Stored Procedures
  •  4.4 Creating User-Defined Functions
  •  4.5 Creating Triggers
  •  5.1 Module 5 Introduction
  •  5.2 Introduction to Binary Data
  •  5.3 Considerations for BLOB data
  •  5.4 FILESTREAM Example
  •  5.5 File Table Example
  •  6.1 Module 6 Introduction
  •  6.2 Introduction to Full-Text Search
  •  6.3 Full-Text Catalogs
  •  6.4 Full-Text Indexes
  •  6.5 Full-Text Queries
  •  7.1 Module 7 Introduction
  •  7.2 SQL Server on Azure VM
  •  7.3 Azure Managed SQL Instance
  •  7.4 Azure SQL Database
  •  7.5 Course Wrap Up
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