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Calling all freelance trainers, HRD Managers, In-Company Trainers, Sales/Technical, Functional or Free Lance Trainers, Teachers/Professors, etc)

40 Days To Being A Powerful, Awesome &  Stylish Soft Skills / Behavioural / Technical Trainer Challenge

The tools you need to get Powerful Trainer Skills, in 40 days!

Welcome to the powerful train-the-trainer training program that puts the latest trends and techniques at the trainer’s / wanna-be trainers’ fingertips. Whether you have been training for a while or you are completely new in this art or you are looking at a career change and want to make training and development as your new career.

40 Days to Being a Powerful, Awesome & Stylish Soft skills / Behavioural / Technical Trainer Challenge, has been designed to cover processes and methods involved in training a group of people or one on one, as one expects to encounter in training and development setups. It prepares you in the art of creative and coherent presentation of ideas, the use of visual, verbal, and vocal means to be more effective as a communicator and trainer, and how to use language correctly and effectively as a powerful trainer.

The participants will build confidence, engage their trainees from the beginning and leave their trainees praising their training abilities with awesome feedback at the end of the training sessions. They would also experience how results-driven methodology will transform their training sessions into multi-layered, interactive, highly effective, and exciting learning experiences for their trainees.

Specific Objectives

The focus will be on facilitating and presenting, practical, proven, leading-edge techniques and strategies for the trainers to be highly effective in developing and designing their training and then delivering them to their trainees in an effective manner, so that rate of learning and transfer of skills meets management goals.

The training consists of a continuous sequence of discussions, interaction and practical exercises, games

The trainers will learn how to:

  • Establish ‘instant’ rapport with their participants and get them ‘in’ immediately
  • Deliver content simply but logically in a brain-friendly fashion
  • Orchestrate a sensible and fun learning environment
  • Engage the audience in multi-faceted, ingenious ways to facilitate learning
  • Reinforce commitment to the job by creating value in the learning experience
  • Facilitate with confidence the challenging behaviors of different crowds
  • Plan and design seamless, multi-sensory learning with lasting impact
  • Use the vocals orchestra in a powerful manner, using intonation, pitch, volume, and projection of voice in a very effective manner, making the training more interesting and fruitful
  • Support and train people in an even more results-focused manner and results-boosting, super-charged training
  • Face groups confidently and enthusiastically
  • Exceed trainees’ expectations instead of having them as passive, unmotivated, bored, or resistant to training
  • Put more spice, fun, energy, and creativity into their training sessions
  • Transfer information from short-term to long-term memory
  • Powerfully train people through online platforms like Zoom and Google hangout etc.

You will be able to conquer forever the fear of speaking before a small or large audience and take command of your audience with authority and presence. You will make a strong impression at training and meetings and presentations and enhance your career and job performance. Soon you will be an awesome facilitator of learning and a tremendous presenter

Our challenge to you is simple: Become a Powerful, Awesome & Stylish Trainer in 40 days.

Along the way whatever your experience level may be:

You’ll receive the skills, tools, confidence, and knowledge to become a powerful and high-impact, charismatic & stylish trainer.

We want you to master training and development skills and to make sure you become one, we are going to hold your hand and walk you through every step along the way.

Overview Of the Challenge

The objective: Become a Powerful, Charismatic & Stylish trainer in 40 days.

Who can play?

Those who want to have: 

  • Increased self-confidence as a trainer
  • Improved communication skills making even technical education seem so easy and understandable
  • Increased organizational skills for mounting powerful training programs as a trainer
  • Enhanced ability to listen strongly
  • Lesser anxiety and fear when training whether a small group or large group of 100s of participants face to face or through a webinar
  • Enhanced persuasion ability
  • Greater control over emotions, vocals, and body language while training, delivering a path-breaking, awesome training program

A Nominal fee and the willingness to try on some new behavior and see if they fit and really work for you! Though we know they will surely work for you. 


You become a charismatic, persuasive, and stylish soft skill / IT trainer who can:

  • Quickly connect with the audience
  • Dramatically improve the speaking presence
  • Overcome training anxiety
  • Respond appropriately to the audience’s needs
  • Hone non-verbal communication skills
  • Add a visual dimension to the presentation
  • Capture the listener’s attention and interest
  • Create a killer business presentation step-by-step and avoid common, yet costly training mistakes

Above All

You will create a powerful attractive trainer’s personality, which will be the envy of your peers, friends, colleagues, and relatives, and above all, as a successful trainer, you will create the lifestyle that you crave and deserve. 

There will be 5 weeks of online training. Total 30 – 40 hours of training

Weekends: Saturday and Sunday: 3 – 4 hours per session

After the weekend training based on what you learned, you will be given missions that you will have to accomplish on the weekdays/weekends. So, the practical training plus the daily missions will enhance your learning and help you get out of your comfort zone, and bring desired changes in your trainer’s behavior. Behavior change will make you stronger and give you greater success in your career as a powerful trainer. 

We have developed 40 days of training and development-related mission/activities which you have to do like a mission every day. You have to set aside at least one hour a day to do:

  • All the missions, and exercises without fail

For daily missions, and exercises, contexts are set and learning contents used during training are given in the form of supplementary materials in the form of audio/videos short easy-to-read, and learn written materials in capsule forms.

  • Daily follow-up through Emails / WhatsApp 
  • Audio / Videos and other demos/learning / motivational materials will be provided off and on to keep you keyed into your daily missions and motivate you to carry on to vigorously complete your missions
  • Discussion forum: The challengers will join the discussion forum via Email / WhatsApp to share their wins and struggles in carrying out the missions

The trainer will always be available on Email/WhatsApp to help you carry on with the missions if or when you struggle with anything while attempting the challenges. 

Once you join the 40 days becoming a powerful, stylish trainer with a powerful training skills challenge, you will be given the guidelines which will detail, how you are going to play the game of charisma, captivating presence, strong vocals, verbal power, and confidence which is going to give immense successes to you throughout your lifetime.

Some of the topics of the powerful ‘Train The Trainer’  program will be:

  • Adult learning style: How learning takes place
  • Brains recall: Brains left and right
  • Brains: VHF concept
  • Trainee mindset
  • Trainer styles
  • Who is a trainer?
  • Commandments for training
  • Factors for success in training
  • Training Styles
  • Principles to deliver training effectively
  • Theory of learning
  • The training processes
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Developing Training Objectives
  • Designing training material/module
  • Selecting training methods
  • Designing a training evaluation approach
  • Walking the talk: Delivering the training
  • Measuring training results
  • Designing training material/module
  • Problem with training design
  • Getting trainee advocacy
  • Power of WIFFY
  • Building training sequence 
  • Doing productive brainstorming
  • Identifying key points to discuss and train in
  • Focusing on the massage
  • Capturing trainees mind 
  • Opening gambit
  • Closing powerfully
  • Planning the structure
  • Planning the content
  • Preparing Audio-Visual Aids
  • Proper use of graphics / PPTs
  • Preparing yourself for training
  • Controlling Nerves: Relaxed breathing
  • Affirmations with congruency
  • Rehearsing and voice training
  • Personal Preparation
  • Walking the talk: Delivering the training: Offline / Online
  • Preparing the venue
  • Getting started
  • Keeping the participants alert, engaged, open and relaxed
  • Using rapport-building techniques with success
  • Using activities and games to reinforce the learning
  • Mistakes to avoid
  • Communication: How you are perceived
  • Using voice powerfully
  • Generating energy in the voice
  • Voice modulation: how to do it, to make the training powerful and interesting
  • Voice projection, pitch and pace, and pauses & volume, duration, use of vowels and consonants
  • Generating congruency in communication
  • Body language communication
  • The power of rapport
  • Staying in control: Sensory acuity
  • Dealing with difficult behavior
  • Dealing with questions
  • Listening skills in training
  • Finale: Participants conducting a short group training session

Presentation, Activities, Role Plays, Simulation, Games, and Exercises, etc.

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