Welcome to the London College of Online Learning FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY

An opportunity to be part of the UK’s world-class online E-Learning training provider company franchise partnership. London College of Online Learning has opened its Franchise door to interested people around the world.

Our Objectives:

  • To provide students and corporate sectors access to the latest technologies
  • To give students access to international standard training at very affordable prices
  • To produce market leaders, technocrats, and entrepreneurs who can compete with others on an international scale
  • Bridge the gap between education and quality education in India



[email protected] (International)

[email protected] (Pakistan)

Phone Number:

+44 20 7566 3975 (International)

+91 98914 39772 (India)

+92 315 895 6590 (Pakistan)

Our Franchisees’ Target for Selling LCOOL’s Powerful Courses

Why Online Educational Learning, Franchise?

  • The online education sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and worldwide.
  • Research tells us that It is going to be worth about $2 billion by 2024.
  • Be a part of this fastest-growing online education sector.
  • High-profit margin in this sector, Hence, Growth Opportunity on a large scale.


London College of Online Learning Franchise – Our Value Proposition: 

  1. We operate at a global level for the training and development of quality education seekers.
  2. 300+ internationally recognized capability building video/audio-led training content which is available in easy-to-follow self-learning mode (SLM).
  3. Global reach with learners spread over 180 countries worldwide.
  4. We certify international diplomas and certificates in IT and business skills to the world which are recognized the world over.
  5. The same awarding body like CPD that provides recognition to Cambridge and Oxford universities and the likes, for their quality education, recognizes London college of online learning too as a quality education provider to the world, as per the norms and standards laid down by them.
  6. Learning transfers to the learners: Our training videos are the best in class, developed by top-class, experienced academicians and industry leaders who have been there and done that, lucidly and effectively transferring learning to the learners ensuring their understanding of the concepts is excellent and their skills are enhanced powerfully.
  7. Once the learner finishes his/her course and passes the examination, they will get the digital certificate downloaded immediately. Hence, No waiting for the certificates to arrive after a long wait.

Our fully certified & accredited online courses cover sectors such as:

  • Health & Safety
  • Health & Social Care
  • Child Care
  • Business Skills & Management
  • Hospitality
  • Construction

Our Online Training is quick & easy to use, accessible from anywhere on all devices, with 24-hour access, therefore, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Upon successful completion of the accredited course, you will be able to download your certificate instantly.

Our 300+ Certification Focused IT Courses cover sectors such as:

  • Cybersecurity
  • CompTIA
  • Cisco
  • Cloud Services & Virtualisation
  • Databases
  • Microsoft
  • Project Management
  • Programming & Web Development
  • Adobe
  • Social Media & Marketing
  • Medical Coding
  • Business & Accounting.

Our Certifications:

Upon completion of any of our online courses, the student will receive a Digital Certificate immediately.

Certifications from the London College of Online Learning can also be attested (upon request – charges apply) from:

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland in London

Certified and Signed by:

  • Her Majesty’s Principle Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs is accepted worldwide.

Our Learning System Includes:

Instructor Led Lectures

All of our Courses recreate a real-time class experience with a highly qualified and experienced instructor delivering the course’s theories and concepts on screen.  All of our lectures are pre-recorded and available to the user 24/7. Therefore, they can easily be paused, repeated, rewound, and fast-forwarded.

Visual Presentations

We understand that all students are different when it comes to learning. Therefore, different types of delivery mediums are needed in order to achieve success for students. So, we deliver our content in a variety of different ways to ensure that students stay engaged and productive throughout their courses.

Mobile Optimisation & Progress Tracking

Our courses are optimized for all mobile devices allowing users to learn on the go whenever they have spare time and wish to do so. Users can also access their courses from anywhere and their progress is completely tracked and recorded. Therefore, delivering peace of mind to each and every user.

Practice Quizzes and Exams

Our customized practice exams, prepare students for their exams differently and more effectively than the traditional exam preps in the market. Students will have practice quizzes after each module to ensure that they are confident about the topic they are learning.

World Class Learning Management System

We provide the next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) to all of our students. Therefore, It is an experience that combines the featured set of traditional LMS with advanced functionality designed to make learning management easy and online learning engaging.

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