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Duration: 17 Hours 18 Minutes
48 Course Videos
CISM (Update 2021)

The CISM training course is designed to provide on-the-job skills, as well as knowledge to pass the Certified Information System Manager (CISM) certification exam. This is advanced-level cybersecurity training to complete once the PenTest+, CySA+, and various higher-level certifications in Cisco and Microsoft have been completed.

The course instructor is Roger St Hilaire, with 30+ years of experience and CISM, CGEIT, MOF, TOGAF & PSP-Rainmaker Foundation Certifications.

The course will cover the following list of main areas, spanning the four domains of the CISM practice and the related tasks. The CISM Exam Preparation Course Outlines:

  • Information Security Defined
  • Information Security Principles
  • Support the Business
  • Defend the Business
  • Promote Responsible Information Security Behavior

DOMAIN 1 – Information Security Governance:

  • Section One: Designing a Strategy and Governance Framework
  • Section Two: Gaining Management Approval
  • Section Three: Implementing the Security Strategy

DOMAIN 2 – Information Security Risk Management:

  • Section One: Risk Identification
  • Section Two: Risk Analysis and Treatment
  • Section Three: Risk Monitoring and Reporting

DOMAIN 3 – Information Security Program Development and Management:

  • Section One: Alignment and Resource Management
  • Section Two: Standards Awareness and Training
  • Section Three: Building Security into Processes and Practices
  • Section Four: Security Monitoring and Reporting

DOMAIN 4 – Information Security Incident Management:

  • Section One: Planning and Integration
  • Section Two: Readiness and Assessment
  • Section Three Identification and Response
  • Exam Techniques

ISACA Requirements for Certification:

  • To facilitate the student’s understanding of ISACA’s approach to information security, and its related concepts such as risk.
  • Develop an understanding of key practices in the governance, management of risk, program development, and incident management in the realm of information security.
  • Ensure that the student is appropriately prepared for successful completion of the Certified Information Security Manager exam given by ISACA on the first attempt.

Key Learning Topics In This Course:

  • The understanding of requirements for the design and implementation of a Security Strategy and Governance Framework
  • The ability to leverage the Enterprise Risk Management Practice in the organisation for identification, analysis, treatment, and monitoring of Security Risks.
  • To gain an understanding of the key tenets of developing and implementing a Security Program
  • The parameters for designing, structuring, and maintaining the performance of Information Security Incident Management teams.

Course Videos

This course contains the following modules and videos. Click the down arrow to view video details.

  •  Instructor Introduction
  •  Course Introduction
  •  Exam Overview
  •  Module Overview
  •  InfoSec Strategic Context Part 1
  •  InfoSec Strategic Context Part 2
  •  GRC Strategy and Assurance
  •  Roles and Responsibilities
  •  GMA Tasks Knowledge and Metrics
  •  IS Strategy Overview
  •  Strategy Implementation
  •  Strategy Development Support
  •  Architecture and Controls
  •  Considerations and Action Plan
  •  InfoSec Prog Objectives and Wrap-Up
  •  Module Overview
  •  Risk Identification Task and Knowledge
  •  Risk Management Strategy
  •  Additional Considerations
  •  Risk Analysis and Treatment Tasks & Knowledge
  •  Leveraging Frameworks
  •  Assessment Tools and Analysis
  •  Risk Scenario Development
  •  Additional Risk Factors
  •  Asset Classification and Risk Management
  •  Risk Monitoring and Communication
  •  Information Risk Management Summary
  •  Module Overview
  •  Alignment and Resource Management – Task and Knowledge
  •  Key Relationships
  •  Standards Awareness and Training – Tasks and Knowledge
  •  Awareness and Training
  •  Building Security into Process and Practices – Tasks and Knowledge
  •  Additional Technology Infrastructure Concerns
  •  Security monitoring and reporting Overview Tasks and Knowledge
  •  Metrics and Monitoring
  •  Summary
  •  Module Overview
  •  Planning and Integration Overview Task and Knowledge
  •  Incident Response Concepts and Process
  •  Forensics and Recovery
  •  Readiness and Assessment – Overview Tasks and Knowledge
  •  Identification and Response Overview Tasks and Knowledge
  •  Incident Processes
  •  Case Study – Security On a Shoestring Budget
  •  Case Study – APT In Action
  •  Summary
  •  Exam Prep
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